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Technology is evolving, so do the contents we consume everyday.

Born in the age when people still read paper newspapers and take pictures with film cameras, we understand the foundations of communication as well as the dynamics of new media, how things are inter-related.

Our team is a mix of journalist, UI designer, web developer and system analyst. With solid experience in our respective fields, plus, some friendly and helpful minds, we will deploy all our possible resources to solve your problems.

meet the Team



is an UI/UX designer and web developer. With fruitful experience in branding identity, Bonnie applies her design knowledge from back-end to front-end.



loves to create content, which is the core of buzzing the world of social media. She is based in Holland. With her academic background in new media and years of know-how, Maggie defines and creates the perfect social media approach for your company.



has years of expertise in custom programming and complete systems design and development. Philip offers a software solution based on the assessment and increasing efficiency plus minimizing manpower and cost.

up-to-date platform

We keep an eye on the latest trend of online shop and marketing, to choose the most suitable solution for you.

develop brand image

We study your company’s history and philosophy to elaborate your brand story.

social media approach

We continuously discovering new channels to make your story socially sharable.

user experience

Our design is aesthetically functional.

hit your target customers

SEO optimisation for your web content.

reasonable budget

Tell us your budget. We will provide the best solution and ensure your money is spent wisely.

categorize your content

We help clients reorganize information and recategorize products according to the behaviour of target audience.

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